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Mecer BBONE-024S+ 2.4kVA Inverter with 2 x 12V 100AH Batteries

With handy handles and wheels, it’s easy to move around and with a great unobtrusive design, it will look great anywhere in the home or office. Most importantly, it?will power a load of 120W for 8 hours or a load of 250W for 4 hours.?Also, it includes three SA socket-outlets for your Laptop, LED Lights, TV, DSTV, DVD player, and WiFi router.
Battery included and no assembly required.

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Mecer BBONE-024S 2.4kVA Inverter Features
– Simulated sine wave inverter
– Built-in AVR for voltage regulation
– Wide input voltage range: 90-280 VAC
– 24VDC
– Overload and short circuit protection
– LCD for comprehensive information

– MODEL: Mecer BBONE-024S
– CAPACITY: 2400 VA / 1440 W
– Input Voltage range 90-280VAC

Line Mode:
– Output Voltage
– Bypass mode: 0utput voltage same as the input voltage
– AVR mode:Output voltage = Input voltage 1.2 at Input voltage – Output Frequency Same as input

Battery Mode:
– Output Voltage 230Vac /-10%
– Transfer Time 20ms typical
– Waveform Modified Sine-wave

Overload Capability:
– Bypass Mode (in VA and Watts) Load >110% /-15% , alarm 5 mins then fault
– Load >130% /-15%, fault immediately.
– AVR Mode (in VA and Watts)at Input voltage > 170VAC Load >100% /-15%, go to bypass mode
– AVR Mode (in VA and Watts)at Input voltage < 170VAC Load >60% /-15%, go to bypass mode
– Battery Mode (in W) Load>110% /-15%, overload alarm for 15s, and then will switch to fault mode for 10s. Then unit will re-start for 5 times Load>120% /-15% , fault & cut off O/P immediately.

Short Circuit Protection:
– Line Mode Breaker
– Battery Mode Current limit Firmware Protection


– 2 x 12V 100AH Batteries
– Battery Voltage 24 VDC
– Acceptable Battery Type Rechargeable lead-acid battery, Deep discharge battery
– Polarity Reserve Protection Yes
– Charger available I/P range 90~280V

– Constant Current Charger Voltage 28.6VDC /-2%
– Floating Charge Voltage 27.4VDC /-2%
– Maximum Charge Current 10A or 20A
– DC Start Voltage >22VDC

– Dimension, D X W X H (mm) 300 x 368 x 396
– Net Weight (kgs) 65

– Operating Humidity 0 to 90% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
– Operating Temperature 0 degrees C to 40 degrees C
– Storage Temperature -15 degrees C to 50 degrees C

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How to Calculate Load Runtime

* All Runtimes on this site are estimates only, as each load and setup is unique.
We?ve suggested power ratings of some common essential loads. You need to work out the total WATTS rating of all the items you wish to power during a power failure; the bigger your load, the shorter your runtime. The smaller your load, the longer your runtime. Your load profile may differ.
Below is a small plus-minus estimate guide to give you an idea.

? 120W
Router, DStv
? 20W each
? 200W
? 5W each
Alarm System
? 20 W

Note:?It’s good practice to leave some reserve capacity for the battery as using the full load will hurt the battery’s lifespan and capacity in the long run. So a good rule of thumb is to take the Watt Capacity of the unit, minus – 200, then minus your load (in Watts). Example, 700W (Battery) – 200W reserve = 500W. 500W / 120W load = 4 hours runtime. This is not exactly scientifically accurate but should give you a general idea. If you need a more accurate, scientific calculation, please contact us and we will be happy to work it out for you.

Not recommended devices/appliances:?Fridges, Microwaves, Any ‘element’ appliances (like kettles, hairdryers), ovens, stoves, should not be plugged into backup power units.

Learn about load shedding

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